Why Choose Bluetooth Advertising


Unlike other advertising techniques, Bluetooth is permission based advertising system. Send your content to user's Bluetooth-enabled device only upon user's willingness. This makes the system spam free. User that are not willing to receive contents via Bluetooth for a specific campaign, will never be asked again to receive any further content for the same campaign via Bluetooth. The system keeps the records of user's Bluetooth ID's.

Supported Content Type

Any type of content can be sent to Bluetooth-enabled devices provided which content can be received on recipient device and can be displayed, played or installed.

Following are the most used formats for Bluetooth marketing.

  1. Static image as .jpg, .png
  2. Animated image as .gif
  3. Text as .txt
  4. Audio as .mp3, .wav or other audio supported by specific mobile such as .arm
  5. Flash video as .swf
  6. Video as .3gp, .mp4, .wmv
  7. Java application installer files .jar or application such as .sis
  8. Business card files .vcf
  9. And other files supported by mobile phones such as .pdf, .doc, .xls

Brand Awareness

Use our system to increase your brand, any of your specific product or services awareness. For instance, send a mini website to the user's mobile phone instead of distributing paper brochures or flyers. Digital content will always be available with the user to show it to others and for the later use.

Use Any Where

Using our Bluetooth technology following businesses can convey their messages, offers, promotions, new products arrival, video ads etc. directly to the walk-in customers in a very cost-effective manner.

  1. Small Businesses
  2. Catering & Restaurants
  3. Public service announcements
  4. Offices & Companies
  5. Travel Agency
  6. Schools & Universities
  7. Hospitals & Clinics
  8. Malls & Shopping centers
  9. Service & Petrol stations
  10. Public places & festivals
  11. Football Stadiums & Sports Arenas
  12. Kiosks
  13. Banks
  14. Conferences & Trade shows

Improved Customer Relationship

Your existing customers are more willing to receive your Ad and information about the product and offering. Send latest offers and promotions to your existing customers, convey your message to all your customers in a very cost effective manner to engage them and retain them for a longer time to increase both short and long term sales.