Bluetooth advertising is a method of sending advertisements via Bluetooth to mobile cell phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Referred to as Bluetooth Proximity Marketing, this method of Bluetooth advertising is rapidly growing worldwide as a method of reaching consumers directly and efficiently to their cell phones and mobile devices.

Typically most Bluetooth advertisers broadcast JPG images of coupons, flyers and business cards. However our Bluetooth Advertising servers offer the flexibility to broadcast any file type depending on the receiver capability that which type of files it supports for displaying or playing.               Some phones can only receive JPGs, and some phones can only receive VCards (digital business cards), some can accept java application files also (business catalogs can be sent to mobile phones).

Marketing with Bluetooth is a unique proximity marketing approach to reach the targeted audiences directly at or around your business spot, which allows potentials or existing customers to immediately build interest for the offering, interact with you and end up purchasing the product. Bluetooth marketing has been used at numerous occasions like sporting events, concerts, retail, fast food, hotels, auto dealerships, clubs, airports, seminars, trade shows and more. Think of Bluetooth marketing as a digital billboard that receiver can see on their cellular device.

Our Bluetooth advertising Hotspot which is very economical, maintenance free, highly efficient and highly secure way of marketing, creates a back and forth messaging environment, which enables any customer to download any kind of mobile compatible file such as Text file, JPG images, GIF animation, MP3 movies, videos, company logo etc.

As not all Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices users leave their Bluetooth switched on all the time, so the advertiser is advised to create awareness around the targeted area and inform about the messages content. Direct Marketing Association guidelines are also used to receive maximum response and number of downloads.

Bluetooth Proximity Advertising is not considered as spam, because it is a completely Opt-in advertising system that allows the mobile user to accept or to reject the content when the Bluetooth invitation will be received. If they choose to accept the advert, it will be downloaded to their phones so they can enjoy the benefits of your advert. If they decline the invitation, the advert will not be sent so that the mobile user has a complete control. Only users, who have already received contents via our system, will be prompted again to receive another advertisement.

Out of Blue proximity advertising provides businesses with an opportunity and the solution to utilize Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Out of Blue Bluetooth delivers the relevant content to the relevant people at the relevant places, all the time. The benefits are immense and unparalleled when compared to other forms of direct response advertising. Advertisers have the ability to deploy advertising, marketing, or messaging campaigns in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

Our sales team will be happy to give you examples of how the power of Bluetooth can start working for your business quickly and cost effectively.

How Bluetooth Advertising works ?

Advertising in general is changing very rapidly. New digital and online media are now becoming the preferred choice for people that want information or news delivered to them in a more targeted and personal way. As a direct result, more traditional types of advertising like newspapers, magazines and leafleting have seen a tremendous decline in their advertising revenues and in some cases have even stopped trading.

Bluetooth Proximity Mobile Marketing allows the distribution of rich media content like animated ads, videos, mobile ads, and applications to mobile phones, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled handheld devices. Content that is engaging, interactive, and informative.

No other advertising platform enables brands to deliver content in targeted specific areas, or combine the online/offline or mobile world in this way. Out of Blue Bluetooth marketing products are not only able to operate globally but they are also permission based and therefore only make your content available to those who are willing to receive it and therefore making the system compliant with all privacy and electronic communications law.

The formula works when Out of Blue Proximity Marketing devices are brought relatively closer to any public and private spaces that are equipped with a Bluetooth Media Server.

Take following steps to start your Bluetooth advertising using our system.

1. Make your creative designs ready which can be a static JPG image, or animated GIF, ringtone, java application, Mp3 audio file or 3GP video clip.

2. Get our Bluetooth Hotspot installed at your premises.

3. Your advertisement will start in no time and our system will start searching Bluetooth-enabled devices in the area.

4. It will prompt users to accept the content from "Your company name".

5. On acceptance from user side, content will be sent "downloaded" into user device.

6. If user rejects, as per the users unwillingness, he will not receive content via Bluetooth.

7. System will put rejected user ID in black list and user will never be prompted again to avoid spamming.