Bluetooth Marketing FAQ'S

  1. Using Bluetooth proximity advertising you can target traffic at the location of your business and in its proximity.
  2. You can send any kind of content via Bluetooth depending on the type of mobile phone.
  3. Bluetooth proximity advertising is far more cost effective than SMS messaging.

Yes. Out of Blue has a Design team that offers our clients a bespoke graphical designing service. We create branded text, corporate jpegs and animated gifs, audio, video editing and conversion compatible for mobile phones.

No. Out of Blue Bluetooth solution will always ask if a user wishes to receive any promotional material unlike the SMS messages you receive on your phone and the SPAM in your email. No personal data (including for example their phone number) is extracted from the users’ phone.

Using our hardware any business can start, run and customize their own direct customer advertising campaigns. The Out of Blue solution provides the user with complete campaign management. Users can easily create new campaigns, schedule campaigns at any time and set or change rules for all the campaigns.

The Out of Blue solution allows clients to reach their specified target audience in the given proximity. Whether clients are involved in retail, own a bar/club, have an exhibition stand, organizing conferences, trade shows and entertainment events or field marketing, Bluetooth marketing can help you gain a competitive advantage.

The Out of Blue Bluetooth marketing solution presents our clients with two options. In one option the messages can be sent up to 300 to 500 meters in a circle and Out of Blue is capable of adjusting any range. Similarly it can also be adjusted and only work if the user places his mobile phone on our Bluetooth server, to receive content.

Out of Blue Bluetooth marketing transmits rich content via Bluetooth to a customer’s mobile phone and asks them if they wish to accept the message or not. Within a specified range Out of Blue system automatically recognizes all the compatible mobile phones and immediately sends out an enquiry. Once mobile phone user accepts the message, content will be sent to the user’s mobile phone and will start downloading, free of charge (for the user) and unobtrusively.

Once a mobile has received content from Out of Blue, will the same content be sent to same mobile again?

No. We can configure a rule for each mobile like once content was accepted and delivered to mobile, we will resend or not or when to send again to that mobile and also the same for rejection.

Out of Blue Bluetooth advertising offers you to send marketing messages to walk-in customers. It is a powerful tool for your marketing campaigns on location and in close proximity. Using the Out of Blue Bluetooth Advertising solution you are able to send a variety of rich contents such as static images, animated gifs, text, business cards, coupons, movie clips, ring tones and mobile phone applications as well.

Bluetooth is a global short-range wireless communication technology standard for personal connectivity of a broad range of electronic devices such as Mobile phones, Laptops, PDA’s, Personal computers, customized Bluetooth Access Servers etc. Bluetooth has a set frequency band which sends data from one above mentioned device to another Bluetooth-enabled device.